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  • Benefiting the lives of youth and athletics

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We are OMYS

Ole Miss Youth Sports, Inc is the youth sports organization for Gas City, Jonesboro, and Mill Township in Grant County, Indiana.Ole Miss Youth Sports serves youth in the community from ages 4 through 6th grade.


Respect, Sportsmanship, Honesty, and integrity.


Benefiting the lives of our youth, athletics and community & To cultivate a sense of self-worth and confidence through athletic competition.


Ole Miss Youth Sports believes in sportsmanship, above all, with the goal of producing happy, healthy, and confident youth in our community.


Ole Miss Youth Sports is sports organization.
This website provides information for all leagues in our organization including schedules, pictures, scores, and registration.

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Address: P.O. Box 93. Gas City, IN 46933
Email:  olemissyouth@gmail.com
Facebook: Ole Miss Youth Sports, Inc


2015 Babe Ruth Schedule (Boys 13-15)

2015 Boys Babe Ruth Schedule

Team #1 = Ribble

Team #2 = Johnson

Team #3 = Rudy

Team #4 = Bennett

Team #5 = Newby

2015 T Ball Schedule

2015 T Ball Schedule_Page_1 2015 T Ball Schedule_Page_2

2015 Boys Coaches Pitch Schedule 

2015 Boys Coaches Pitch Schedule_Page_1 2015 Boys Coaches Pitch Schedule_Page_2

2015 Boys Little League Schedule

2015 Boys Little League Schedule_Page_1 2015 Boys Little League Schedule_Page_2

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